Me: Personified.

I am maintaining four blogs, and although all speaks little things about me, I have no blog that speaks about me - in a much deeper sense. I used to have that, but when I opened the new three blogs, I regret to not give it the time it deserved, and in the end, I decided to just leave it and spend my time in my other blogs. As time passed, I realized that there are stories about me that I wanted to tell the world yet I cannot tell because I didn't know where to put it. Yesterday, I decided it's time to open a blog for myself, and this is it.

I call it "An Autobiography in the Works." Actually, it was the title of my Multiply Site, but since this is where I will now put personal details, I realized that the title is much suitable here than in Multiply. In this blog, not only will I talk about events in my life, this is where I will share my interest that includes scrapbooking, music, film, television, and the internet. As for my other interests - photography, food, and traveling - well, I have a separate blogs for that already.

As for the template of this blog, I first saw this from a friend whom I met in the WordCamp Philippines 2008 last September. I loved her blog template, and when I saw the Blogger version yesterday as I browse for a template for my brother's blog, I immediately grabbed it and used it here. I feel this one's the best template to use because this is my personal blog, and I wanted to bring back the diary feel of sharing my thoughts and feelings. I know this have two columns already, but it's okay, I guess.

I now welcome you to my blog. Please enjoy your stay.

*** Jenn ***

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